Monday, February 22, 2010

Dewy Rose, GA

Dewy Rose, GA
[Elbert County]
Poplation: unknown


  1. One side of my family called Dewy Rose and surrounds home for 100 years. Now they rest at Hillcrest in Bowman. Have you found the little community of Locust Tree? It's up the crossroad a piece from the main intersection. So glad you are doing this. When my people weren't in Dewy Rose they were in Athens. Small world, large wonders! And where is the blog's lead picture taken?

    1. Fallonia, sorry for my late reply. Thank you for your comment. I have not heard of Locust Tree but shall find it and go there. The lead image was taken just outside of Bostwick, GA, in Morgan County, on Nolan Store Rd.