Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cooperville, GA

Cooperville, GA
[Screven County]
Population: unknown

Cooperville is one of a few small communities along U.S. 301, once the main route south. It consists of a post office, a store or two and the Paradise Motel and Restaurant, which has been abandoned for a while now, after U.S. 301 was by-passed by Interstate 95 which now propels all tourist and commercial traffic at an efficient rate, and offers food and lodging at every major exit. 

An old postcard from the motel's better days reads:

"Georgia's Finest...Phone Double Heads, Ga. Union 3-6426 or Union 3-6568...Located 11 mi. So. of Sylvania, Ga. on U.S. Hwy. 301 in a 14 acre pecan grove. Built in 1956. 23 modern spacious, soundproofed rooms. Hot water, heat, silent air-conditioning. Individual room temperature control. 100% Beauty Rest, TV in every room. Wall to Wall Carpeting. Owned and Operated by Mr. and Mrs John O. Perry...A Tourist Paradise. Restaurant on premises. Member of Quality Courts United."

You can see the pecan trees peeking out from behind the restaurant. They still stand, as does the motel. The sign is now one of the most photographed in the area, and certainly one of my favorites of all time. 

Double Heads is actually a few miles north of here. The post office across the street says "Dover" which according to my map is a few miles to the south.